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Default Re: Northwoods Ridgedale Cruiser Build

I guess you noticed I work about as fast as grass grows. Today I installed the cables. Took me forever. In order to do that I had to install the intake manifold. Before I could do that I had to clean it up a little with my dremel. Then I had to search the forum because I didn't knoow how much to torque the nuts to. Then the throttle cable was to long. Had so search some more to find out how to shorten a cable. Finally got that sorted out.

Only real issue now is just the chain tensioner. I ran all my wires under the engine, but haven't hooked them together yet. Not too worried about the wireing, I'm good at that.

Just the chain is bothering me a little. I don't like how much slop it has, but I don't see any way out of it. Maybe I'll think better tomorrow, it's late now.

The help I'm getting from this forum is wonderful.
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