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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

here's the specs;

tubing material: salvaged lawnchairs.

dimensions: varies depends on breakage. as the lawnchair tubes crack, the frame sags, giving it a lower stance.

wheel construction: rim material are old hotwheels tracks, superglued and painted with 99cent store chrome spraypaint. hubs are a beercan and salt shaker composite, and spokes are thrift store wire coat hangers.

Front Fender Construction: Unknown, due to them falling off before tests can be completed.

the successful build rate is 3:1000. (give or take. i think Dave31, Houghmade, and Bikeguy Joe have managed to keep them running for longer than 6 months.)

the TTF (Time To Failure) rate is an average of 20 minutes, or 20', whichever comes first.

the rear wheel failure percentage is 100%.

and finally, the chinese workers at the Huffy plant's motto is "American's will buy anything."
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