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Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
I really don't want to treat this like it is a mo-ped or a motor scooter I want to treat like a bike. I don't ride fast or loud. I have a bicycle foot print and bicycle speeds with a bicycle attitude. How do you all ride and how does the public accept your ride?
I think of my motorized bike as a bicycle, not a motorcycle or scooter. I have pedaled bikes all my life and I just love bikes and bicycling. I have no interest in motorcycles.

My motorized bike looks, feels, and handles like a bicycle. I feel totally like I am riding a bicycle. And I always pedal it like a bicycle. For me, pedaling is a reflex and I probably couldn't stop pedaling if I tried.

But it is an incredibly fast bicycle! And I like to ride it as fast as I can! When conditions permit, I ride full throttle at about 30 to 32 mph on flats and 35 mph or more on downhills. It makes me feel like a super-champion bike racer!
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