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Default Re: EASY MEASURING for 100:1 mixing

You could measure by weight. 100:1 is 1% of a gallon or any other amount. If you have an empty Amsoil container and an unopened Amsoil container with a stated volume and a digital scale you can figure out what the oil weighs by volume. If you determine that Amsoil weighs .8(not known, just example) oz. per fluid ounce and you want 1.32 fluid ounces, than you would take the scale and measure out 1.056 = .8 * 1.32 . Cheap digital scales are accurate to .1 gram and an ounce is about 28.1 grams, so in this example, you'd meausre out 29.64 grams. Dont forget to determine the weight of the container.

It's very easy to do it this way. No eyeballing volume ticks where miniscus or parallax or even gravity can cause error.
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