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Hi, all. I'm Dan Wilson, and live in Colorado Springs, CO. USA. I'm a machinist and modelmaker by trade, and have a fair shop at home plus the big stuff at work. I built some "doodlebugs" when I was a kid, then got into motorcycles, worked in the industry for over ten years in LA, raced desert, road racing, motocross and vintage motocross, but am just about "over" the big ones. I have built several custom bicycles, my last and current ride a 29er single speed mountain bike built up from an old Raleigh ten speed. I have a couple old Briggs motors saved towards a vintage-look motorized bicycle project. I saw some "board track" style bikes a few years ago while snooping on a metal forming website, and was inspired. I have not really started the project, and at this point have not decided whether it will be a pedal-start or motored only. I did find some nice Puch moped wheel hubs with drum brakes, and got some 26" rims, but have not found a good source for spokes. Most local bicycle shops offer the deer in the headlights look when you ask about odd stuff. I'd like to make a girder front fork as well, but may just simplify with a braced rigid fork for looks. It is tempting to just go buy an off the shelf "cruiser" and and so get most of the bicycle components for around a c-note, rather than buy each bit and spend five times as much. It will be interesting to go thru this forum and see what is going on. Seems as if it is an expanding universe!
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