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Default Crazy owner of a Kamasura- Florissant MO

I'm Rich MacKinnon, and I love anything with 2 wheels and a motor.

Currently, I am the "Chief Mechanic" for ScooterGuy- the largest designated driver service in the St. Louis Region that uses DiBlasi R7E folding scooters. Well, we try to.

Due to various issues, 1 is running fairly well, #2 has issues with staying running, #3 needs reworking on the rebuilt clutch, #4 needs a total engine rebuild and engine mount welding. The 5th bike is a Flexi- a Chinese knock-off of the DiBlasi that instead of an Italian 2-stroke, it uses a Chinese 4-stroke engine for a sump pump.

But the 6th bike I hope to add after some refurbishment and maybe a transplant to a decent frame is one of the infamous Kamasura 250 VRX "Fine Korean Motorcycle". This is translated to Chinese bicycle with a motor mounted on it.

The engine is a copy of either an old Sachs, Benelli or Garelli model, and is about 40cc. It has a large concave roller to drive the lower leading edge of the rear tire.

Starting is very difficult as the chain keeps coming off the rear sproket- and the nice full chain enclosure is fine for keeping the chain and gears clean- but ti's a pain in the butt!

My ultimate goal is to get the engine running and transplant it to a folding bike.

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