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Default Re: Need help on legalities and specifics.

What motor kit should I get? I want something powerful, durable, and very dependable.
(I use the grubee skyhawk 66cc engine with a CNC carb found on, after reading legal it will be better to get a 49cc or an electric kit.)
Also would I need any special mounting kits or anything?
(It looks to me like your pipes are giant on that bike so a mounting kit looks to be a must but i am not completely sure.)
Is their a super quiet exhaust pipe on the market?
(Any aftermarket exhaust will kill your ears. The stock will be your only good option. The quietest will be the electric of course. )

Here are some of my questions on legalities:
I will be 15 so In Mn I will have my Moped license.
Can I get a homemade Moped registered in Mn?
Do I need lights, turns signals etc.? and if so is their a kit?

(LAW IN MN - Did you know that? - Motorized Bicycle Forum)
This will answer all questions about the legal mumbo jumbo.
It looks to me like a 49cc unit will be your best bet to be classisifed as a moped. Any larger will be a motorcycle.
Your best bet is to get a electric kit in order to not be classified as a moped and then you wont need insurance.
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