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Default Re: Bikes without front suspension?

Mind Reader,
I would guess that the majority of members here ride bikes with a rigid front end. Typically you'll find that the mountain bike, or 'V' frame road bikes will ride a little stiffer than the cruisers, mostly due to the tires. Cruisers have fatter and softer rubber between you and the road where the MTBs and road bikes have skinny tires that run higher pressure. I have one road bike that I installed a springer fork on but it still rides harder than my two cruisers that do not have suspension forks. Another consideration is handlebar design. The short stubby bars on many mountain and road bikes tend to dictate that the rider lean on them thereby absorbing more shock than wide cruiser bars that allow for a more natural sitting position that doesn't require so much arm and shoulder stress. Add a lay back seat post and the cruisers are far more comfortable than the other style frames.
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