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By the pictures it looks like you can mount the mag one way or turn it over and put it on that way as well but the timing would not be correct. If you have spark and compression and gas and air. Timing is the only thing left i can think of..Dont supposed you hooked up a light to your white wire did you? I had this problem once and the light was pulling too many amps from the magneto and would not start for nothing. Put on a pull start after pedaling my guts out and then replacing a part. More pedaling my guts out,more parts changing . Would hit some and try to gurgle to life but wouldnt start. I had replaced my old rear light with a flashlight bulb after mine burned out. Done it on a friends bike as well with a bulb from my 6v flashlight so i knew it would work. Didnt realize it was a kryptonite bulb. Pulled out the bulb ran great,plugged it in killed the engine. They never cease to amaze me ...Good luck and keep us posted on progress
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