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Default suggested sprocket size for my setup

i am 175 lbs.
plus bookbag of 15 lbs.

TOTAL: 190 lbs


huffy crankbrook
+ a few lbs for different suspension
+ skyhawk gt5 engine kit
+ about 15 lbs misc. stuff (saddle bags, rear rack, etc.)

the bike is in the shop right now so i can't count the sprocket teeth. i am under the impression that it has 44-teeth. will this be fine, considering the extra weight?

top speed isn't a big deal as i would rather have decent pull from low to mid-range. however, if there will not be an appreciable decrease in low-mid torque, i might as well have more top end.

on cars i typically gear them very steep... i love torque... however motorized bicycles don't start from a stand-still, so now i'm trying to figure out what i prefer. thanks.

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