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Default Re: *****Installing Dax Kit, HELP*****

I don't think that you should use outboard 2 stoke oil you need air cooled 2 stroke oil. I think that is what I've been told. what I've heard from several people was use dino oil(non synthetic) for break in. synthetic oil is to good and won't allow everything to break in correctly. use this for the first gallon and then switch to syntetic. what I did was use dino for gallon 1(20:1), then synthetic blend for gallon 2(28:1) and then went to full synthetic from then on(32:1). Also everyone I have talked to says mix it 20:1 for the 1st gallon, 6.4 oz oil to 1 gallon of gas. then reduce the amount of oil after that 1st gallon, I run about 32:1 with full synthetic( 4oz oil per gallon).


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