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Default Re: Im Sick Of This! Help!!??!

Maybe I spoke too soon. A little experience with lacing wheels would go a long way. But, hey, you've got nothing to loose and I bet you could pick it up fast. You buy one of those spoke tools you've been seeing on-line, or from any bike shop. The tool you need is a spoke wrench. It has a lot of little slots to fit all different sizes of spoke nipples. The nipple is what the spoke screws into at the rim and has at least two flats for your new wrench. They are standard right hand thread like most nuts and bolts. Turn one way to tighten, and the other way to loosen. The secret is to count the turns on one side and duplicate it on the other. Remember to go only a couple turns at a time because a little is a lot when your dealing with spokes. Once you learn about wheels, you will never have a bike shop do your work for you. Good luck and keep us posted.
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