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Default Re: Hello to EveryOne!!

Originally Posted by REL 1 View Post

I have a chinese 66cc engine kit on a Mtn. Bike. Can't get the thing to turn Over, No spark going to Plug. Disconnected the Kill Switch (per a friend's advice) still nothing...
I'm thinkin its either the cdi or the magneto, or the plug is bad...

I've got about 12 batches of Beer Making Experience...they've all tasted great.
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Hi Russell,first of all try a new sparkplug,I had a similar problem,I took my stock sparkplug out one day and at the time i misplaced it,then I put in a new stock plug(spare that came with the kit)it started o.k got about two mile up the road but then it started to splutter and was misfiring badly,i had to push it back home,found the misplaced plug and put it back in and started straight away,the other sparkplug was brandnew,anyway try that first,is doppelbocks a stout as well,goodluck,yendorrodney88
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