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Cool Re: clutch and brake lever set up

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Easy question for me as I rode motorcycles for years.
Dual pull teeter-totter brake lever for both rim brakes on the right, and just the clutch on the left.

Depending on the circumstance you sure don't want to be trying to brake and clutch with the same hand, and you are not using the throttle if you are braking.

The self adjust dual brake lever works like this has them.

I have mounted a brake lever on the left along with the clutch before, on a GT1 bike with 2 V-brakes and a hub brake.

The stock setup was a joke.
Not only was the band brake pretty much useless it was tied to crappy dual pull lever that didn't self adjust and the other brake lever on the left.

The right got a TT hand brake for both V's, and the drum brake got a left lever pointed out of the way as kind of emergency brake you never use.
i like this set up too .. been thinking while my new rim comes in ,,, when i come to long rolling downgrades ,, i allways pull my clutch in and coast down the hills ,, at times i know at least two miles ,, so an set up that engages both clutch and brake at the same time would kinda throw an wrench in my routine ,,, the main thing is safety though ,,, i will try the levers pointing down when i get on the road again ,, my clutch is very easy for right now ,, guess i am lucky on that one ,,,, i might try an few set ups ... first time i have seen this

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