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Default Bunch of questions

1) Ok to start off I have this kit Silver Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit - Silver Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Motorized Bicycle Engine Kits and was wondering if this billet head , High Comppression Billet Head for GT5 and PK-80 (In Stock) will fit on that engine!

2) My second question is about Manic Mech Sprocket Adapter and Sprocket , there is 3 listed , the CB-110 Hub , OCC Hub , Modus Hub , I understand the cb110 is a coaster hub , but with the other 2 , when i go to the bike shop and ask questions , the guys there look at me weird when i ask about the occ and modus hub. Teh hub on my bike if i take and wrap a string around the inside , it measures 4", no brand or part # shows up.

The reason I am looking at the sprocket adapter , is the I now have broken my 3rd spoke , and its getting to be a pain to get the bike shop to replace the spokes.

3) looking online i can see spoke tighteners , but they never have spokes for sale , and what type of tool is used to rethread a rim?

Many thanks all!
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