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Default Re: clutch and brake lever set up

I looked at those but didn't buy one.
It is not really a locking clutch and brake combo, it is just a thumb ratcheting 3-speed gear shifter on a brake lever.

These clutches are pretty hard to engage, especially when they are new, I just can't see just using your left thumb to operate it very easy.

The kit clutch has a locking button by the way Shlink, it disengages when you pull on the clutch itself too.

Kicking... "The thing about the brake lever on the right throttle side is when I pull on it my palm wants to roll the throttle"

Point your levers almost straight down so your whole palm is around the grip and you just use the middle section of your fingers to pull it.

I still stand by the SickBikeParts Dual Pull Teeter-Totter Brake Lever" for $11.95 on the right side and the stock clutch on the left.
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