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Default Re: clutch and brake lever set up

heres my steup it has done me well on the right side my throttle is a brake lever and underneath it is my rear brake lever

on the left side i have my clutch lever and front brake lever

it may seem a little fumbly but i have had no problems with it most of the time whem i break i dont come to a complet stop so theres no need to pull in the clutch i just pull left brake when coming to a emergancy stop i pull both levers even if the clutch is engaged i still stop quikly usually i cruise using my pointer finger to hold the throttle simply letting go and grabing the brake is easy i have experienced no problems i plan on using a dual brake lever and metal twist grip throttle on my next build but i dont really want to give up my brake lever throttle i ilke it and feel it is more safe

i say it is more safe because on my dads bike i did a cat walk not on purpose i didnt think i had the power to do it and was hanging on to the twist grip and couldnt let go as i started leaning farther and farther back my grip ywisted the throttle making it even worse it was all bad i got some nice road burn that itched for weeks i mean really bad itch

now i know you guys probly dont believe i actuially catwalked but there was a bump in th road like a huge speed bump when my front tire hit it i pulled my front end up and when my rear tire hit it it was like a little jump or something i only wanted to come off the bump and lnd with both tires at the same time like coming down off a curb you can let your front down then your rear tire but if you kind of hop down hiting both tires at the samr time its smoother thats whjat im was trying to do
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