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Default Re: front tires and their effects on wobbling at "high" speeds

there are a lot of things that it could be. the suspension didn't start with this frame, and the wheel is from another bike, a new innertube, and a crappy bell tire.

the wobble isn't a wobble per say. it may be a future-wobble. it wasn't noticeable at 20-25mph the one mile i was able to ride the bike. under peddle power, down a hill especially, it seems to weave, pull leffftttt... then riiiiightt...

i am having a friend mechanic double check pretty much my entire installation. i want the motor to have as much power available as possible, as the add-ons will cause it to gain another 20+ lbs (ammo can saddle bags, etc. )

when i get the bike back i'll see what's what with the tire, and probably replace the front wheel entirely just to eliminate that.
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