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Default Re: Shifter Kit from

Thanks Datz!

For the curious here is some more info about the kits.

The first picture shows how the kit was packaged and what was included. There was a very nice note on top thanking me for my business and informing me where to download the instructions etc.

The second picture shows the kit laid out. I was surprised to see how many parts were involved. Notice how everything is nicely separated into different bags. This makes the installation much easier as you just open the bags as you need them and you don't have to fish around in a pile of parts for what you require.

The third and fourth pictures show the kit installed on my bike, a Felt Kingpin. I found the instructions to be very good and the quality of the components to be excellent. Still, I had to make some adjustments. I had to do a bit of grinding on the rear motor mount to clear the engine drive chain. Also I had to add some washers to increase the space between the sprockets as the chains would interfere with each other in the highest gear. This is not surprising. Every build is different and has its own challenges. In the pictures you can see a gold master link at the top of the drive sprocket. I also opted to remove this and used a chain tool to connect the chain without the master link. The master link was giving me some problems with the chain skipping off even with the proper orientation. It was a little too large. Removing it from the equation solved the problem.

One item that made this install much easier was a crank removal tool. It was only $12 at a local bike shop and it makes removing the cranks a breeze. I found that I took mine off a few times to adjust the fit of the parts and now that I have it, it makes removing the ubolts for the rear motor mount that much easier. Just pop off the crank and the nut is right there. Perhaps this is something else that Sick Bike Parts might wish to carry? I also picked up a couple of plastic caps for the cranks while I was at it.

I found the instructions to be very good but no doubt they will continue to improve. The only part that I found a little tricky was when I was trying to determine which way the bevels on the crank sprockets went.

You may notice that the kit on the bike isn't painted yet. Now that I am happy with the fit of everything I will disassemble it once again and paint the parts to match the motor and frame. Don't forget the degreaser! If you don't degrease and clean the parts first the paint will be a mess.

Overall I had a great experience with this kit and I recommend it highly. My top end has increased by at least 15kph and the bottom end is incredible. Hills that were previously impossible to climb now are ascended with ease. Without doubt the only thing limiting the top end now is hp. Time for some more mods!

Thank you Sick Bike Parts. Keep up the great work!
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