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Default Re: Who knew? Bikes can tell jokes.

Originally Posted by Slowrollers View Post
I think the chain tensioner is the joke.....

Id NEVER use one on my bike.......Cut the chain to fit.....Theres a idea....
...and here's quite a few others lol:

Aside from the commonality of bikes w/o horizontal dropouts (making finer chain length adjustment impossible) there are some that in fact require the use of a tensioner/idler wheel to reroute the chain up and over the chainstay for clearance.

While the kit-supplied tensioners are known to be junk & somewhat hazardous if not installed/modified to suit, after runnin' w/o a tensioner I've learned quite well that as is true with so many things, it's a compromise, a trade off for other problems. Chain wear is an unavoidable fact and as such some way of compensating for it is needful - if you've a comparatively low power machine, don't ride as a daily driver/commuter, have horizontal dropouts & plenty of chainstay clearance then by all means, not having any tension adjustment other than moving the rear axle is a great alternative...

Yet after over four thousand miles racked up this summer alone w/o a tensioner & any number of replacement chains (wear), playing with 1/2 links and the axle shift game I can assure you that a proper tensioning system may be far more of a blessing than a curse. If you've low mileage riding habits even the engine shim technique may be a viable alternative... but as a high miler I can't see that as anything other than a headache.

It's all about your specific application - there's no "universal" solution to this specific problem as it's as varied as the bikes and those whom would build them... I do know one thing and that's with my upcoming build & riding habits I'll be runnin' a tensioner and lovin' it lol

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