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Default Re: No more vibrations (almost)

Okay, finally posted photos of my balancing job. First I weighed the small end of the level conrod, then the piston assembly and added the two weights together. Divide by two, subtract the weight of the small end of the rod and the total is the magic number you have to add to the hanging rod so it can be properly balanced. I used solder of that exact weight and wound it around the rod. The crank assembly on the levelled rails will settle into a heavy spot in which you remove metal until it has no more heavy areas. The two things making this possible without splitting the crank are that ther rod is on a needle bearing and hangs down no matter the position of the crank keeping the weight on the rod pin, and the fact that the piston assembly is enough heavier than the rod that you must add weight to the rod instead of subtracting. As soon as you get your weight measurements, you must forget about the rod as being a rod and consider it part of the bobweight. The motor ran nice and smooth with only a hint of vibration at the highest rpms, mostly noise and still very rideable. I have at least one more motor to balance and I will post my results.

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