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So where to begin, let me start of by saying this is a awesome site and there are a lot of things on here that I want. My motobike is a pretty good set up now the only problem now is that the motor has died, and from what I read on here it is due to that it is a china motor. I need to replace the motor what do you guys suggest is the best way to go with this, I have a couple of options all being in the cheapest cash as possible area first is to get a new motor and second fix the one I got(again from my reading on here fixing it will be hard). Some things about my rebuild are I am going to make my own jackshaft so I do not over tax the motor, with that in mind if I do go with another china motor should I get the 66cc one I had or the smaller 49cc motor. How much power difference do the two have I have read that the smaller motor is longer lived and with a jackshaft would a 49 cc be able to move me faster than the 66cc with no jack shaft. I need to do this for less than 100 dollars the cheaper for now the better thanks and happy no peddling
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