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Default Re: Who knew? Bikes can tell jokes.

Well I was going to work at midnight, and I was about to ride my bike, and I noticed even though I had fixed the engine/chain, the engine had gone on a kinda big lean overnight. I decided to take my brothers non motorized bike to work, because I was running kinda late after checking my bike over.

I was wearing a red polo shirt/black pants for work, and had a large black coat over it. I started peddling, and after about 2 minutes of going down hill, I go flying past a cop car on the other side of the road. It turned it's lights on and I suddenly think "Oh god" and come to a stop. I wait for the cop to exit, and he asks what I'm doing. I explain I'm on my way to work, and he questions why I'm wearing all black, riding aroudn at midnight, on a bike with no lights.

I tell him that my bike broke earlier that day, and that I'm riding my brother bike (this sounds like the worst series of lies ever). I take my jacket off and show him my work shirt, and give him my address/name etc. He then makes some seriously smart ass remarks, and then they leave. I managed to escape a $100 fine, lucky.

For now I have put my old 415 chain back on. The 41 chain is just a tiny bit too long, abut just a tiny bit to short to take another link out.
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