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Good question there are many posts on this site that will tell you which NGK plugs are combatable with your engine, I am still testing a bunch of plugs to see which gives the best overall performance.

Most of us feel that a good brand of 2 cycle oil or a synthetic brand will work the best, I am using amsoil brand that seems to work very well, I have included a link to an online fuel to oil ratio calculator that I use and it works very well it will tell you how much oil to use with any amount of gas, also try to avoid a cheap brand and dont use straight motor oil.

Most agree that a 16 or 18 to 1 ratio for break in and 25 to 28 to one for running after breakin, again look at the different sections of this forum and you can get an Idea of the correct ratio to use.

Hope this helps you out

email me if you have any questions I will try my best to help

Gas Oil Mixture Ratio Calculator
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