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Default Re: Sprocket size for a little guy w/ a 70cc HT

HI Guys,

Thanks for the kind words....As far as going to a 30T sprocket....If you are in a relatively flat area, live at not too high an altitude, and plan on not having a lot of stop and go or slow speed operation....a 30T should be OK....I have sold as low as 27T to a group of people in FL and they seem to be fine with it (First one man bought a 27T then later all the guys friends also bought some from me....I guess that had to try to keep up with their buddy and his small sprocket!)...

FWIW and if you want to save a few $$....Our best sellers are 34T sprockets and they typically sell on eBay for around $20 or so.

Hope this helps you. Good luck in your build and ride safe!

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