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Default Re: HELP - Blown Engine or What??

I want to explain exactly what was glowing red. And yes it happened. It was night so it stood out. The shroud that goes over the last half of the muffler fell off. The one screw holding it on must have vibrated loose and thank God I didn't run over it when it came off. I was going full throttle for about 5 minutes when I pulled in a parking lot and noticed the red glow. It was about a 1-2 inch section of pipe right where the pipe off the engine meets the larger second half..bright red...also at full throttle there was a flame shooting out the end of the pipe about the size of a cigarette lighter flame. It was shooting out of the 3 or 4 holes at the end of the catalytic convertor part. Sorta looked like the flame that comes out of a military rifle on full auto. Looked cool actually but it was very loud and was heating up my anklepretty bad. Iv been driving it for the few days with the shroud off and it runs fine, although pretty loud. I may just replace the whole muffler because I can't find just the shroud for sale.
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