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Hopefully theirs a shop near you with a tig, afiak that's the best way to weld aluminum, because a Tig can use lower temps. And have your parts ready, like silverbear said. That's really your best bet if you've never welded before.(eep)

But like the guys said, there's alumirod. Read up as much as you can, and practice on something else first.

My Dad had some alumirod, I think he found it on eBay, like this ad:
-Aly weldin' rod on eBay

I've tried to weld aly before with oxy/ace, and Mapps(propylene), and failed hard(really hard). But these rods are supposed to be 'pain free'. (Dad wouldn't let me at his supply, he needed them for the boat). So Once aly starts melting it turns to mush, there's a really fine line of maliability, not like steel where you can get a good bead going... its ridiculous!

Keep your eyes open for the alumirod if you want to try it yourself. If all else fails, you'll always have two creeper beaters(since its cut in half).


Edit- Thats great you're feeling like gettin' back in gear already but don't push yourself too hard man. Take'r easy as long as you can, you don't want to throw something out-of-whack if you're still healin'
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