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Default HELP - Blown Engine or What??

Was driving around as usual and everything was fine. GPS'ed my top spped at 27 on a 66cc Zoom Bicycle slant kit. About 15 minutes in I noticed a red glow at the muffler and pulled over. Well, my muffler housing had fallen off so I was looking at just the inside of the catalyic converter or whatever that is inside the housing. I continued to drive and small flames came out the end of the muffler and the pipe stayed red hot at the entrance of the "now gone" housing. Amazingly the pick up was incredible and GPS'ed at 32 which was a 5 mile an hour gain. So i figured I would just order a new housing when I got home. But, about 1/2 mile from home the engine stopped and I could not get it started again. This engine only has about 25 miles on it so it is new. Is there any advice on what I should do. Obviously, I will wait till morning to take a closer look, but is there a problem running it without the housing? It was loud but ran like it really wanted to. Maybe it just overheated, but all of the issue was way down the exhaust, so I cant imagine it interfered with the engin. thanks.
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