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Default success, then unsuccess, chain problems mostly


started, ran for about 1 mile. throttle was kinda sticky but that isn't an issue right now.
new, standard 415 chain broke midlink (non master link). causes?


-standard 415 chain simply broke due to being weak (#41 chain is enroute in the mail anyways).

-tension could still be wrong (1/2-3/4" play... just like my pedal chain)


tension was good from everything i've read. angle of engine/sprocket/idler all are inline or very very close. i used a gear lubricant and will pick up some thick grease for it soon.

the chain breaker tool, well, broke kinda and i dno't have as much control over putting links in as i should. i can remove them though fine. probably am going to have a bike shop install my 41 chain and a new pedal chain (415).

it was really fun to ride for that mile and the suspension is coincidentally just what i need for the new weight of the bike. it felt like a little motorcycle alright.
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