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Default Re: Hey MotorBicycling

No worries, I was jus' makin' a cheeky reference to the ol' Rustoration thread heh, where it seemed you were out and riding around before I even had my bike stripped down o.O

I'm confident that I could build a basic one pretty quick ofc - but for me, 1/2 the fun (mebbe even more) is simply the project itself & my R&D, scrounging for bits and cobbin' stuff together that was perhaps never meant to be joined in such an unholy union... it's prolly true that I like the fabrication part so much I "milk" the build stage a bit too

In the midst of alla that, the boss's kid bought a kit and got his bike together & runnin' in three days by himself... given he's 12yo, I did hafta take a mo' to reevaluate my projects & technique lol
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