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Default "The Bat Tank"

I've been trying to train myself to think outside the box for years now. It must be working. I intend to make an in-frame tank for the Higgins build, but the space between the top tube and the middle tube is rather narrow. Not much more than 2 1/2" at most. Room for only the slenderest of tanks.

I just don't feel like a slab sided tank. I like the look of the Evans Powercycle's tank, and the bulging curves of the old Indians, but that's hard to fabricate.

So I'm cruising in a mart cart in K-mart and I pass by Sporting Goods. And I see the aluminum softball bats. And my subconscious wacks me with one. Most of them are 2 1/4" diameter, with varying lengths and varying places where they begin to taper. Most of my work would be done for me.
So here's my question: anybody ever make a gas tank from a softball bat before? And: any reason it wouldn't work, if done right? They are made to take a beating too.

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