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Default $2,000 Green Hornet

Hi Everyone,
After 3 months of sweat, blood, and tears, I finally have my motorized bike running!
I do, however, have some questions:

1. When going down hill at about 20 mph, or letting off the throttle and coasting, the motor sounds as though it is having a hard time keeping up with the speed of the bike. Shouldn't it just idle? If I'm going down hill, should I take it out of gear?

2. If I hit a big enough bump, the motor starts making this really loud "clicking" noise and doesn't stop until I kill the motor... Huh?

3. Periodically, when I come to a stop and I engage the clutch, it idles extremely high. Other times, it idles normally when stopped. And some times... it just dies! What's up with that?

Look forward to your professional input,
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