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Default Re: Hello From Southern NM

Originally Posted by FreeTravler View Post
Hello, fellows. Well, I need to introduce myself. I have been reading these forums voraciously for the last year and feel I know many of you well. I quickly realized that the time I devoted here would be rewarded: so much knowledge and experience! Thanks to you, I have successfully built three mb's: a front-wheel-drive friction weedwhacker bike (thanks, Deacon), a CIF, and a BMP friction drive for my wife. I've had my share of difficulties but have nearly always been able to find the solution within these venerable halls. Unfortunately I haven't a camera but will try to post pics in the future.

I hope to be an asset to this community in some way.

Thanks, guys.
Howdy,I am in Mankato. Built 2 motorized bicycles Mountain bike & a 1903 FELT cruiser. Have fun!
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