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Default Re: Lets think this through.....

the oil will need to mix with the e85 and I'm not sure that the oil you talked about will work. To test get a sample of the oil and get a bottle of heat as its methanol mix the oil in the sample and if it will blend your good to go. I'm using a syn oil with castor oil in it for 4 stroke racing engine that use methanol in my 2 strokes and no problems with the stuff mixes with gas or alcohol plus I love the smell of burned castor oil smells like model airplanes are flying and I like that smell. I do know that a stock alcohol engine builder named Jimmy Glenn is said to have used peanut oil in his racing engines and it worked fine.Those engines were 5 hp briggs engines putting out around 10 hp on alcohol. if you want to mess with methanol it will work in your engine but it can attack the rubber seals and the aliminum parts also the steel parts like bearing will rust as alcohol will absorb moisture. after running the fuel flush out the engine will gas/oil mix. a starting point for the main jet should be around 0.070 or bigger and you may need to retaper the slides needle. The engine will make more power if you can get it up to temp and keep it hot as alcohol will make it run very cool. but a lean run can fry a piston in a heart beat so be careful.
I played with alcohol in these engines a while back and think for normal fun its not worth it.

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