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Default Re: Throttle problem

Originally Posted by kipharley View Post
Hi,it sounds to me like your throttle handle is by passing the stop on the throttle housing.if you can turn your handle forwards and it keeps going past the idle position.Here's how I fix that problem.
The first pic is the location for drilling.
the second is a 3/32nd drill bit.Drill straight down 3/4"
The third is a 3/4"long 3/32nd tension pin.
4th is tension pin installed.
5th is throttle handle located as it rides in throttle housing.Good luck,Kip
I think that you are correct. It seems to me that the throttle handle is passing by the stop when I twist it forward. I took the throttle handle apart again and found a kink and then noticed that it seemed to be passing what should be the stop point when twisting forward. I fixed the kink and then reattached everthing. It now seems that as long as I am gentle when pushing the twist trottle forward everything is ok.

You, however, have given me another project for my bike and I will hopefully get to that upgrade when the weather frowns upon my riding.

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