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Default Re: Hey MotorBicycling

for 300 bucks, you can forget about reliability.

and there's no sense trying to find a non-china motor if you're just gonna put it on a cheap china bike.

i try to discourage everyone from buying a crappy bike, but it never works. i can show you hundreds of threads about the problems with those bikes, but people buy them anyway. then i get to read all the posts about their back wheels, brakes, fenders, tires, cranks, frames, etc, breaking.

if walmart sold pre-made motorized bicycles, there'd be a massive recall, lawsuits, some pretty good accidents and even a few deaths.

my advice is find an older, american made bike and a new china 2 stroke, and learn how both of them work, and read this forum. not only will it help solve your problems, but you can figure out how not to have so many.
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