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Default Re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

It most likely someone who has seen the bike multiple times(had his eye on it) and decided to take it after a while. Since you say everything seemed Pre-planned and smooth with a clean cut to the lock. Obviouly an experienced thief too.

Where have you taken the bike(public places) Is it easily seen by anyone from the road or sidewalk from where it sat on your porch? Can you remeber anyone expressing great intrest in the bike?

This is how I cought the moron that stole my race car hauler ramps. I thought hard about who has expressed intrest in them from casual encounters and I kept coming back tothis one guy that really really liked my ramps. Anyways....I looked him and his brother up at the races, went over their pit stall and started kicking around. Yepp... there was my ramps cleverly disguised with differet paint and he welded his name to the sides of them. I told him to leave the ramps in my yard that night after the races and if they weren't in my yard in the morning, I would call the cops.(I knew who he was)

Luckily he smartened up and returned the ramps.

Point is....the person who stole the bike may be closer than you think.
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