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Default Current status of the old beater

Some thoughts about the current status of my Titan - cruiser bike

Changed over from a 44 tooth to a 48 tooth sprocket. 48 does a little better in starting out from a stop, but the motor winds up too much when going faster than 20mph. I may try to switch back to 44.

I have the HD freewheel kit, a recent addition.
26" HD Rim W/48T Freewheel and Brake - $129.99
I like the freewheel part but when coasting along, if you apply power there is a delay and then BAM the freewheel catches. Even if I try to take it easy, it grabs with a slam. I am not sure how long those pawls will last in the freewheel. It is very nice to coast along with no jackshaft/clutch/motor turning with the wheel. The wheel itself seems very sturdy and is a good upgrade. It is nice to have a good centered sprocket that doesn't wobble.

The 48 works well from stop sign to stop sign which is most of my riding in town. But on a long straight flat road, the rpms just creep up too high, so I think a 44 is better.

I can't get a pedal chain to fit the new sprocket (pedal side), so I will need a tensioner. Right now I am riding with no pedal chain. This is no problem with the 48 tooth gear, it pulls very good from a stop. What I have been doing is accelerate to about 22mph, then coast down to 15mph, because I don't like running the motor at high rpms all the time. This is probably very good for gas mileage, and it works great with the freewheel sprocket.

The Titan clutch seems to be making noise, or it might be the jackshaft, it is hard to tell. It is starting to get old, well, its 2 years old, I think. I don't ride a whole lot so it does not have that many miles on it, probably less than 1000. But the drivetrain is noisy and makes funny sounds. I have tried greasing the bushings, which I don't think are the problem. It seems to be internal to the clutch. Maybe need to add some fluid to the gearbox.

The HuaSheng motor seems to be idling well with the new idle jet from birddog. It seems the single adjustment screw on the carb has to be set just right, then it will idle.

So I need a chain tensioner for the pedal side and maybe switch out the 48 for a 44. Anybody know where I can get a good but cheap chain tensioner?

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