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Default Re: New guy, new bike, new engine kit

I guess the fact that it ran fine yesterday, but stopped doing so well may be the thing to focus on. It could be that the carb loosened up due to riding vibrations, causing an air leak. Teflon tape can help also wrap it around the intake and slip the carb on over it. Some sort of sealant is a very good idea though. Some use silicon, I used the grey gasket sealant from

If you unscrew the carb top, you'll see the pin with the notches that effectively changes your air/fuel ratio but, yeah if it worked yesterday thats probably not the problem. I'd leave that alone for the moment and check other things.

Could be that you aren't getting enough spark. Make sure that your electrical connections didn't come loose. The clips connecting the engine to the cdi can come loose. Most recommend that you solder the connections. Also its a good idea to get rid of the stock kill switch as it often causes problems with the ignition. I kill the engine by putting on the choke. I had a cdi box that died on me, similar symptoms, just couldn't get the engine to really fire up. It just died out of no where while riding.

I saw on another thread you had screws stripping on you. I second that you should expect to replace the hardware. has a nice package with all the screws with allan heads. Definitely replace the hardware that holds on the chain tensioner. Get some good stuff at home depot. You have to make sure that tensioner is rock solid. The hardware they supply you with will strip and loosen over time.
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