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Default Spooky Tooth 44 to 36 tooth sprocket.

So I finally got my 36 tooth sprocket from Spooky Tooth the other day. I went through the whole process of disconnecting both my chains, taking the rear wheel off, removing all the old hardware and 44 tooth sprocket, putting on the 36 tooth sprocket, shortening both chains, and putting it all back on.

I was excited to see a modest speed gain of at least 5 MPH or something, but after riding around with this sprocket for about 20 miles I can honestly say that I'm going at LEAST 2 MPH SLOWER. WHAT THE ****.

Yeah my engine is turning less RPM's and is half as loud as it was with the 44 tooth sprocket, but really? I even tried going downhill a bit, but my bike is topping out at like 34 MPH. On flat, dry land, I was able to do around 36.5 MPH with my 44 tooth sprocket at will.

What am I doing wrong here? I even swapped out my spark plug with my new NGK BPR6HS plug I just got and it's running exactly the same. I've never even read about this sprocket NOT adding any speed anywhere, and it defies logic for me.
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