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Default Hi guys!

After a month of researching these forums and every possible link I found on the internet regarding motorized bikes, I have decided to go ahead and build one for myself. I only live 3 miles from work and it just isn't worth it to fire up the 20mpg
Mustang for such a short commute. I decided to go with the orange Kulana Moon Dog because it seemed like a decent bike with a real nice price tag at Wally world. I ordered the 80cc black engine kit from PowerKing on Ebay for $119 + $50 shipping. I will be posting pics once the engine arrives.

I also want to say thank you to everyone in these forums. You made my decision to build a bike easy. I figured if I have any problems, you guys seem more than willing to help others who have had problems. And Norman, I might be buying one of those lights, I know I'm going to be tempted to ride this thing at night so we'll see.

Bowling Green, KY

P.S. - any mods that need to be done right off the bat that I should know about?
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