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Default Re: The motorized bike inventer...?????

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
Heres a link to a page of site Im re-doing, covers the evolution of the motorized bicycle MOTO EVOLUTION - THAT BIKE GUY. COM

Well done CM! Page is looking great. I hadn't checked it in a while.

Kinda crazy. Just a few years after the American civil war there were our things. People were still trying to come up with efficient ways to kill each other and some insane bike guy was thinking; "How can I make this thing propel it self?"

Ever notice, the engine or motor is always invented first. Then the brakes. Ya know the guy is all happy, going a long at a good pace then suddenly, a cow or some thing leaps out in front of him.

Good brakes or death by bovine.
worst apocalypse ever

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