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took it out first thing this morning. It runs beautifully. not fast but the guy did a good job building this bike. Way too small for me. Knees are seriously bent trying to pedal and the carb sticks out into my leg room. Seat is way too narrow for my big ass. Riding position is awful, I don't think it would be comfy for any distance.

I guess there's someone out there that wanted a motorized bmx but it seems like a poor choice to me. I don't think you could use it as a bmx on the trails. and if you're going to build a road bike you might as well start with a road bike.

It's kid sized but not legal for a kid to ride in my state and I don't think I'd let my kids ride a motor bike until they're older anyway.

The bike is just a cheap huffy. probably donate to goodwill.

I might put up an ad and see if anyone wants it but will probably just strip it and use the engine on another project. (after I remove/cover the hideous green paint)

I did get a good deal on it, essentially two engines for the price of one.
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