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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

ok so i forgot one more thing a couple weeks ago i was riding my dads bike and it kept dying on me not getting enough fuel i took the carb apart everything was fine adjusted the tabs after it didnt work then found the fuel was being blocked by the fuel valve so i thought ok something must be in there but it ws clean the petcock filter was clean but still no flow just a dribble so i went to lows put three fittings to make a straight flow adapter it worked fine but i thought why did the original valve got stuck i took it apart and still found nothing to obstruct flow

it was the very valve design that caused the failure the fuel inlet tube was a smaller diameter than the outlet valve so i found a drill the same size as the out valve and drilled thye inlet the same size and also drilled the flow ports so now it has great flow the problem has gone away

now i did this with myn petcock to and later had the same problem with fuel flow it turned out a peice of inline fuel filter was pluggi9n the carberater so i dont know is this may hep others out but unrestricted flow of fuel must be good cause the float shuts the supply off when it needs to just turns off sooner cause the float fills faster

and for some reason both bikes start better maybe that was from bending the float tabs
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