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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

ok so i have a few tips i hope they are helpful

start by upgrading the throttle assemly to something more real i personaly use a brake lever after mine broke far from home i had to pull the cable by hand to get home it wasnt safe but beat pedaling

second when attaching rear sprocket to rear wheel use a wrench for the inside of the wheel and a drill gun with torqe settings for the outside start low and work your way around trying to keep everything alligned the gradually work the torq up till its maxed out on mine his was at five i dont know how accurate these torque specifactions are but i havent had any problems

third if your spark plug boot comes off when riding this worked in my case i just took the end of the wire and slide it over the plug it has been working fin for the last few weeks there is no boot just a wire im not sure how much less spark it has im sure the boot is the best wayto go but in a bind make it home
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