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Default Re: Moped Parts Being Used? What Works What DOESN'T?

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
Mopeds are a great source for parts. I've use moped tanks (with cap and valve), controls (twist throttle with levers and stoplight switch), suspension forks (26" wheels fit without the fender), brake hubs laced into bicycle wheels, headlights, speedos, seats and pedals. I even used a Motobecan variator clutch on one motorbike. I had to modify all three circuits for use on a slower turning four stroke. Lots of good stuff on a moped.
msrfan, your post is fantastic and shows just what can be done with little ingenuity, that is using parts from & for Mopeds on our motor assisted bicycles thereby making them in some ways perform better both functionally and giving them better performance.

msrfan, if you could share pictures of parts & components you've used on your motor assisted bicycles that would visibly show others just how those parts are used and what works.

If you could post links of where these parts can be sourced / found that would be another plus for other builders wanting to use such parts and components.

Thanks for your post!

Peace Crazy Horse.
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