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Default Re: Annoying People.......

People are constantly yelling to me when I ride by them.
I have a full face helmet and loud expansion chamber, do you really think I can hear what the heck they are saying?
What am I supposed to lock up the brakes and turn around just for some a-hole punks?
I don't want the attention.
I don't want to answer a bunch of stupid questions.
I am not the spokesperson for this hobby.
I don't even believe in promoting this hobby.
I think the fewer people with these bikes, the better.
Too many idiots, too much attention by the general public and ultimately the law.
Our time riding legally is gonna end when enough loosers who have lost their drivers licenses
get hold of these things as a form of transportation and start getting killed.
I can already decipher the mentality of a lot of the new young guys out there who just want to see how fast they can make a bike go. With little mechanical ability and little common sense.
Oh yeah I'm annoyed.
Maybe I'm just getting older and less tolerant to stupidity.
Either way leave me alone when I'm riding.

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