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Default Re: New guy, new bike, new engine kit

When I built my first build, I thought the instructions were written wrong. After reading them you can understand why I thought that way. So upon rag joint instillation I didn't think they really meant for the sprocket to be clamped directly to the spokes, besides I just cringe when I think of metal to metal rubbing together, especially something thin as spokes are. So on my instillation I sandwiched my spokes with the rubber pads (by the way the instructions said cut 1 rag joint). Works great, no play, and moved the sprocket away from the center and I have more tire clearance for the chain on my cruiser. Another thing I did after ALL the bolts were tight on the sprocket was to remove one at a time, and replace them with much shorter bolts followed by nylock nuts. Now I have only about three threads sticking out beyond the nut. I realize the long bolts are needed to put this all together, but not needed after instillation is complete.
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