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Default Re: Annoying People.......

i have been called a cheater on several occasions and basically said yeah im a cheater but i paid my dues i can cheat all i want as long as i pay my 1 dollars a tank that usually pisses them off well really about 2 bucks a tank cause for some strange reason fuel in alaska is pricey even though its exported out in large quantities and sold cheaper than here but what ever its cheaper than filling my old suburban 130 for a tank of gas

just recently i was chased down by a guy driving a taxi cab who to ask all the standard questions and strangly enough even asked me for a job i was like what dude im 20 years old and driving a motor bike as main transportation working under the table to avoid taxs and you want a job it was pretty funny

mostly there are yung kids who ask about my bike and i tell them about it and say but also tell them ther to small for any bike a motor can mount on so they have to grow up

as for the bicycle theft i dont worry to much about it i store my bike inside at night and i got a monster cable from r.e.i. and a heavy duty lock from lowes
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