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Default Re: New guy, new bike, new engine kit

I have the standard 49cc kit with the rubber gussets mounting the sprocket to the rear hub- I mounted the sprocket up against the hub with the teeth out and BOTH rubber gussets inside the spokes. It is not a perfect solution, but it seems to work- BTW, there is a slight dishing of the wheel on the sprocket side due to the tension the gussets add to the spokes that pulls the tire towards the chain- I suspect having a bikeman RE-TRUE the wheels to the right might cure this issue- then a slight tweek of the frame where it grinds there (I would do it with axle in place- I am working on a pusher based on a small turnbuckle with spar cups on either end instead of eyeloops- you insert it at the area concerned and UNSCEW)
Hope that helps
The Old Sgt.
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